So how did this site come about and how did I end up making a design with a bunch of Florida breweries forming the shape of the state of Florida?  Well it really just came about out of boredom.  When I was still working in the IT field I typically would have to work one weekend a month.  As  reward for working 10 days in a row we were given a 4 day weekend following the long stretch of work.  With a Thursday and Friday off I would typically find extra things to do.  Thursdays were dedicated to running errands that needed to be done.  Fridays were different.  I would sometimes go on little beer trips by visiting bars or bottle shops that are a little further away from my norms.  But sometimes I would just sit on my ass and do nothing.

Well one Friday I found myself doing just that, nothing.  I picked up my laptop and started dicking around with a design.  To say the idea behind the design was all mine would be a complete lie.  I got some inspiration from a shirt I had and thought something with breweries in Florida would be awesome.  So over the next few hours I worked on it.  It was quite an undertaking and a pain, Florida is not an easy shape to work with but it is unique.


The most recent and updated version of the design.

What resulted was the design you see here.  I showed it off to my friends on Twitter and Facebook and instantly they reblogged and started saying “I’d wear that on a shirt.”  So I decided to do just that.  I searched out and a found an awesome, local print shop that is run by a few punk rockers that love craft beer.  Things just work out like that sometimes.

I talked to local friends and tried to get enough of them to commit to buying one so that I could purchase the minimum amount from the printer.  I did that and each of them got there shirts.  After that I have done a couple pre-sales on the shirts and mailed them out.  I’m happy people dig the shirt and really wanted it but to be honest it was a bit of a headache.

Since this site is not my full time job and I don’t keep an inventory of the shirts I can’t just operate like a normal online store.  I need to keep a window open for people to make pre-orders and then I order the exact amount of shirts in the exact sizes I need.  I then hand pack up the shirts and then mail them out.  Quite an undertaking for just one dude am I right?  Well some people didn’t seem to read that this was a pre-sale and would complain when their shirts weren’t mailed out right away.  Ugh!


The Beer Box in Sarasota has a large sign of the design hanging proudly behind the bar.

Well anyway I still want to do the shirts but they will be on my terms and when I want to do them.  Think of it kind of as one of those pop up shops.  I will open the doors of the site for you to pre-order, the doors will close after a set period of time and I will mail the shirts out.  This site and the site’s Twitter are going to be the places you will want to stay tuned to in order to find out when a pre-sale is going on.

I’m thinking of doing some posters and stickers too in the future.  Those will likely work the same way as the shirts or maybe I’ll include the stickers with shirt purchases, who knows?

If you have any questions please check out the FAQs page.  I’ve put a number of the more common questions over there.  If your questions isn’t answered in this site than go ahead and use the contact form to get to me.  Otherwise thanks for your interest and keep supporting and drinking local.

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