I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again so here are the most common ones.  If you email me and ask me one of these questions I may mock you and point you right back here.

Q: Brewery “X” is not really in that location on the state, WTF?
A: I tried to make things as geographically correct as I could. But the fact is that some areas are super populated with breweries (Tampa & Jacksonville areas) and some not so much (Panhandle & North Central Florida). So in order to actually create the shape of the state I had to fill in.

Q: Brewery “X” is missing, WTF?
A: There are a shit ton of breweries constantly opening in the state. I used the list at BeerMe.com to pretty much get my list. I’ll probably update it once a year, this isn’t my day job remember.

A: I know right!?

Q: Can I get a different color or the design on the back with something else on the front?
A: No. Like I said, this isn’t my day job. It’s for fun and my shirt printer requires a minimum amount of shirts for a set piece. Movement costs extra money too. If you want it a different way sorry, this is how I designed it and intended for it to be. Shit, be proud of your breweries with them across your chest.

Q: Are you going to make any other things with the design on it like posters, stickers, girl shirts, lunch boxes, boxer briefs, etc?
A: I have actually been thinking about doing posters and stickers but am not sure yet when I might put that into motion.

Q: I would like to license out your design for use with my business, event, group, etc. Can I?
A: Email me with your proposal. What’s the worse that could happen? I say no?

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