In Regards to the Latest Batch of Shirts

As you may or may not have known, recently I teamed up with Hopcloth to do a small run of the Florida breweries t-shirt.  I’ve been extremely busy and really had no timeline as to when I was going to do more again and I had a number of people that really wanted one.  After a little back and forth I figured what the hell and agreed to let Hopcloth make some of the shirts; with a few conditions.

After the shirts were made Hopcloth brought to my attention the quality of the printing looked off.  Upon investigating images it was obvious that the print quality was no where close to what I had previously released.  After some discussions with the printer that Hopcloth uses it was determined that they were at fault and took full responsibility.

Unfortunately these inferior shirts were still mailed out to customers.  But fear not as each person that ordered a shirt and received one of the bad ones is getting a new one with proper printing at no cost to them!  I can’t express enough how sorry I am if you have received one of the shirts and were disappointed by what you had in your hands.  Take your disappointment and multiple it by 14 and that is how I feel for you.  But Hopcloth and I are doing everything in our power to right this for you.  If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do whatever in my power to help you.  But I hope that the replacement shirt will serve to mend those bad feelings.  But if you want high fives, hugs, pats on the back or a good old fashioned pep talk I can certainly try my best at those.

So you might be wondering where do I stand with this.  Well I have decided that it is best that I remain in control of the design and where it is printed at.  I wanted to be able to have more people that have wanted one of the shirts have the option to get it while I am busy with my life.  But I’ve realized I am what some might call a “control freak” and I feel helpless when I don’t have the control over things that I wish I did.  I don’t expect people to like that quality in me but at least respect it.  That way if something were to go wrong it would be all on me and there would be no one else to blame.

With that I have decided to discontinue Florida Beer Geek’s relationship with Hopcloth.  I think that Jeff over there is a honest and enthusiastic person that has a passion for local craft beer.  I thank him for the opportunity on this venture and wish him the best of luck with Hopcloth.

Okay, what’s next for Florida Beer Geek?  If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me pose the question about people being interested in a poster.  Well I am happy to say this will definitely be something I will be doing in the near future.  Right now I just have to determine what type of poster I want to have created.  Silk screened posters are really nice but more expensive that just printed ones.  And what size should they be.  If you have a preference to silk screened or standard printed posters let me know in the comments.

As for the shirts I plan on doing another run of them in the fall so be on the look out for that pre-order.

Thanks everyone for reading this and I hope you all understand.  And most importantly, thanks for supporting Florida beer.


TL;DR – The last batch of shirts didn’t come out right and were mailed out. Replacements are on the way. I’m a control freak.  Good luck to Hopcloth.  Posters soon?  More shirts in the fall?

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